Friday, July 06, 2007

Mission Accomplished

So remember way back when I said I had some comedy goals before leaving for LA? Well the Zanies talent booker said I was too inexperienced for their club, but they had a tent at the taste of Chicago! With an open mic! It's not the real thing, but I'll take it. I just performed about 1 hour ago and it went pretty well. They have three more shows tomorrow and I am seriously considering going to all three. Also, it broadened my horizons in other ways. Here are the following things that made this show very unique and nothing like I have ever done before:
  • It was at 3pm outside in a tent. Getting a sober audience is a bigger challenge, but for my humor I think it helps me. And sunlight!
  • You are only allowed 3 minutes. This is about half the time I am used to, but in a way it is really good. The audience stuck with me the entire time which is unusual for an open mic.
  • There was a real audience, instead of just comics. Right on!

  • That's it. Professional news is not as good, but is a long story that deserves its own post maybe next week.


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