Saturday, May 05, 2007


I had another showcase last night, that went very well. I have this bit that always goes over well and previously I always did it in the middle. The reason for that was I can reference it later very easily, so it was nice to establish something I could "call back" (as we say in the biz). Anyways last night I closed on it and that was a better idea I think.

So it turns out I got a Mulligan. Remember that competition that I just missed the cut for? Well for inexplicable reasons I was voted through for the next round; so I made it after all. I didn't even know it was a competition going into it. So that's cool. June 10th. I'll get around to promoting it full-time when I am done with school.

p.s. another pay day (although much more modest)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

way to go - best congratulations. i don't know what a mulligan is, but i'm probably too old to make a difference anyway.- nhn


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