Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday headlines return!

Hey all - time to get back into the game. Just a reminder I have showcases May 1st at the Players Bar and Grill 8:30 PM 551 N. Ogden and May 4th 10:30 PM Kitty Moon 63?? N. Clark.

Democrats subpoena Alberto Gonzalez's text messages...
  • They were disappointed by all the "IDNR"s - I do not recall
  • Did you really think there'd be anything there? Everyone knows Gonzalez and Rove are bff's

  • Sheryl Crow demands Americans only use one square of toilet paper to combat global warming...
  • She did not venture a limit on stretch hummers though (she has 2)
  • This would be a huge boost to the kitchen paper towel market

  • The mayor of San Francisco declared his city a sanctuary for illegal immigrants...
  • There is some precedent for this in California...Neverland ranch is sanctuary for child molesters
  • Los Angelas in sactuary for celebrity murderers
  • If the LA one sounds to specific keep in mind in LA celeb. killers is a large demographic

  • OUT!


    Blogger ben said...

    2 for you, feel free to use them:

    The Cubs need two phones in their dugout...one for the bullpen and another one for a direct line to celebrity surgeon dr. james andrews.

    The Republicans trying to root out voter fraud are like O.J. searching for the "real" killers.


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