Thursday, April 05, 2007

Recent Happenings

I went to a comedy show hosted by Jay Harris last Tuesday with a friend from college. Jay is one of the first people I met in comedy and a cool cat. After the show he "booked" me for next month, which is awesome! The room he runs is real big and fun. One thing, I think I had a little too romantic notion of how these things are done. No press; no drama; he just came up to me and was like "You want to go up next month?" and I was like "Yeah." Then he gave me tickets to promote it. May 1st! May 1st! spread the word. Those of you who follow this blog closely will notice that I am also showcasing May 4th - that show is very far north so depending on where you live you should see one of the shows (or both).

In other news I am becoming completely obsessed with American Idol (not really news), but in particular Sanjaya's success (that's the news). Go Sanjaya!! He is my American Idol and a controversial celebrity to boot. Those of you not watching American Idol need to go to this website:

Read the mailbag. Do it. If you can still read after wiping away the tears of laughter go to


Blogger PastorNancy said...

tell us where the performances will be.

Blogger Luke S. said...

If you're not already reading it religiously, check out the blog I don't know if you caught the heartbreaking end of last night's game, but the post about it is hilarious.


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