Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Headlines

Some more of my weekly takes on the events of the past week...
CAMPAIGN NEWS: John McCain vows to change the world misconception of the "ugly American"
  • I hate when politicians pander. He is only doing this because the issue that concerns young voters the most is "bringing sexy back"
  • Being an ugly ameican is still better than "fugly French"
  • If someone gave me $10 million in aide I would probably say something nice. That's not really a joke, I'm just sayin'...

  • Global warming is being blamed not just for hurricanes and other weather stuff. It is also being blamed for cockroach migration, sheep mutation, and obesity
  • It's only a matter of time before a husband says "The reason I didn't come home is because it was just so nice outside." That 0.5 degree makes all the difference.
  • I think it's time we ironically re-released "Blame it on the Rain."

  • John W. Backus developer of Fortran died in his home at the age of 82. Bless him
  • When describing the process,
    It was Mr. Backus who set the tone for the Fortran team. Yet if the style was informal, the work was intense, a four-year venture with no guarantee of success and many small setbacks along the way.

    Innovation, Mr. Backus said, was a constant process of trial and error.
    Fortran programmers will appreciate that passage on more than 1 level.

    Blogger Pastor Nancy said...

    I never coded in Fortran, but I did a lot of COBOL programming as well as some work in other high-level languages. All the pioneers in computer languages deserve many remembrances as gracious as this. I remember a business school classmate whose day job was Assembler programming. He likened it to scrubbing Soldiers Field with a toothbrush.


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