Thursday, March 01, 2007

Getting Comfortable

My show last night went really well!!! The other comics were great, standing room only crowd, and a personal achievement I will detail later. Thanks to all who supported in body and in spirit. Last time roughly 1/4 of the crowd was there for me, so I had a lot of forgiveness room in my set. This time, although roughly the same number of Roy supporters showed up, the crowd was so large that my crew not such an appreciable fraction. Ergo, when I took the stage I had something to prove to the people who don't know me. I did really well! My friend Phil said there were two guys on the side that I don't know who were almost crying at my Fortran jokes.

The achievement is that I really felt comfortable on stage. This may make more sense to a comic, but I would describe it in the following way: there is a difference between saying what you want to say versus doing what you want to do. Last night I was doing it, doing it, and doing it well (in the style of LL Cool J). Pics and videos in the coming weeks!


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