Thursday, January 18, 2007

Round 2!!!

I am taking the second session of my comedy class and it started just last night. Most the people from my class are back plus 2 people who took the class awhile ago. I am really excited and it is really helpful to have some focus again. This next class will focus on winning the audience as quickly as possible and being a little bit spontaneous. To that effect, our assignment is to write jokes about the room we have class in, and the neighborhood (wrigleyville) we have class in. In addition to that he wants 2-3 minutes on top of that any topic.


Blogger ben said...

wrigleyville should give you plenty of targets...including, but not limited to, bleacher bums, lee elia, the cubby bear, old style, fat people, excessive street parking regulation, and white people.

Blogger Roy said...

Thanks for the tips - I will definitely write some material about bleacher bums. I've been going to a bunch of open mics and making fun of bums is a overused theme. It would be fun and turn it around on white-collar types and draw some funny parallels.

I wrote some jokes about the moniker "lovable losers". A term of endearment when you talking about your baseball team. Not so endearing when you hear it from your mother. (I know you read this blog Mom - sometimes I just make stuff up!)

Anonymous Mom said...

i won't tale it personally.


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