Thursday, December 14, 2006


Wow! The show went really well basically as good as it could have every punchline hit except one joke that I knew wouldn't work but I tell that joke for myself anyways. Ok, so here's how it went:

First disaster. I take the blue line to the red line, and I get off the blue line and they tell me that the red line isn't running. So I am in the middle of downtown during rush hour trying to get to my show. I catch the 22 bus, which is the Clark St. bus, but there is construction on Clark street so I am going like 1 mph. And even though I wasn't driving all the honking was stressing me out. Plus the girl sitting next to me on the bus screwed up her Sudoku, and it broke my heart to see her continue to fill it out until that inevitable point where she knew she screwed up. So I was a little late, but I was planning on getting there 1.5 hours before the show and so I wasn't late for the show.

Second disaster: the mic wasn't working. I don't know what happened. I talked into it before the guests arrived, but then when they show up it died. The show started about 25 minutes late and the guests were restless. I think also because we are amateurs it sort underscored that in a subtle way (and not a good way).

My set: Amazing. I was later in the show and didn't really feel nervous until the person before me went. Then when he was done I remembered something my teacher told me - it doesn't matter how you feel, just take the stage with energy. So that's what I did. It was weird: once I grabbed the mic it just happened. I didn't feel nervous at all when I was actually on stage.

I think my friends and family took some pictures so I will put some on my blog soon. I have more to say but maybe tomorrow.


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