Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Churchill Downs

So this past weekend I went to a political conference in Louisville, KY and part of the festivities included an outing at Churchill Downs. I was particularly excited about this, because I had a vision that I would win big. Churchill Downs
This is the turf race that I scored the biggest on. I had a vision that 3 and 5 would finish first and second, but I didn't know what to do about the third horse in the Trifecta. So I picked 4 different and the longest shot came through! For those who don't bet on horses that is good because the longer the shot the better the payout. I won $733 on an $8 bet - awesome! I promptly picked up the tab for the rest of the trip, which cost me a decent amount of money and got some pricey souvenirs. I probably should have kept more for my CC's but oh well. Great times and I think I am hot right now so I am going to Vegas in a couple weeks.


Blogger PastorNancy said...

congrats, but remember they say the usual path to addictive gambling starts with a big win . . .

Blogger Roy said...

Typical liberal

Blogger PastorNancy said...

And proud of it.


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