Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bounce Back

Our comedy teacher informed us the cameras would be rolling at yesterday's class, and here's why. There is one particular comedian who got frustrated in his mid-life with everything and decided he wanted to be a comedian. Typical mid-life crises kinda stuff, but this production company picked up on it and his private coach is also the coach of my class. They are filming selected classes to pick a "sub-plot" for the film. We all had to sign release forms and everything, but even if I don't get paid I wouldn't mind being on the big screen.

So I had my best class and put a lot of material into it. Yay me. Then afterwards I decided to check out an open mic; some were good some were terrible. There's no doubt that I am better than the worst, but if I want to be very good I have to put a lot into this. My "graduation" performance is December 6th at the Cubby Bear (I normally wouldn't ever go there, but it is just a "gig").


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