Friday, October 20, 2006

I didn't see this until today

Arizona Cardinals coach Dennis Green goes ballistic after choking against the Bears.


Blogger littleboxes said...

was it denny who choked or just his kicker? Apparently, Denny also paid Grossman only $5million. Enough to play the worst game ever by a quarterback, but apparently not enough to get a victory. Yuck.

Blogger Roy said...

I put the blam squarely on Dennis. They had the attitude that they could just run and play out the clock way too early (after their field goal at the beginning of the 2nd half).

If I was owner or GM of the Cardinals I would be very troubled by what he said. They beat us for 3 quarters in a preseason game? The game is 4 quarters, dude. They blew a 14-0 lead the week before, which tells me there is a coaching problem.


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