Monday, March 17, 2008

Dear Lord, Thank You For This Video

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baseball predictions

I haven't ben following baseball as closely as I used to, so this year I will make my predictions short and sweet: White Sox 1st place Cubs last place. Yankees miss the playoffs.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So I've been in Hollywood for a few months now. I hope to be able to post some specifics, but on the whole I like the vibe. Here is the first in what I hope (if I can be disciplined) to be a regular installment: Hollywierd. Hollywood is good at a lot of things, but as you can tell from the photo taken at a local McDonald's, mathematics is not one of them.

a local McDonald's

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Will start blogging again

I think I will start blogging again. I will update the sidebar in the upcoming week. In the meantime I noticed something. I have a weather forecaster built into my Firefox browser. It stopped my page loading and said "Sever Weather Alert!". So I clicked on the link to find out what's up and a webpage popped up that said "Cloudy".

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am fine

Due to the volume of inquiries about my having possibly been burned to death, I am announcing that I am fine. It is a little weird giving people natural disaster updates. I remember once when I was a kid our basement flooded. Regular bloging to resume in a month.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Rest of My Road Trip

Hey, since I no longer use a computer where this is my homepage I have been neglectful. I will recap the rest of my road trip in short, sweet anecdotes.

Day 3 Wimego, KS. Home of the Wizard of Oz Museuam. I was going to go when just then the car guy called me and said he couldn't get the parts. So I wasted most of my day, and more importantly enough of my day the I couldn't get to Denver that night. I would get as far as I could, wake up super early and get to Denver the next morning.

When entering the expressway near Wimego, the signs were empty. Usually expressways say something like "East: Chicago West: Aurora", but I guess even the map guys can't figure out where the heck I am going.

Day 4: Arrive in Denver. Find a Saab dealer who agrees to work on my car. They are amazed I was driving it, and the mechanic remarked: I wouldn't even drive this around the block. Turns out I need new front brakes and a wheel rotar. So I spend the day in Denver. Didn't do much, but the hotel I stayed at had health club access which was good since I had been driving 4 days straight. This night I realized my new phone has a different voicemail notification system than my old phone. I had 25 new messages.

Day 5: Fixing the car is taking longer than expected, so I stroll through downtown Colorado. I imagine training up here would be really good as I get short of breath on hills. They have death trains that share the sidewalk with pedestrians. If you've been there you know.

I get my car and get as far as I can. There is a scam in Utah: I exited for gas to go to Ferron, which ended up being 25 miles off the expressway. I get gas and the small hotel is fully booked. I am distressed since I don't like driving at night: especially on narrow roads with no street lights that have 60 mph speen limits. So I followed a truck, sort of like a guardian angel truck. He was going like 80, but I figured any truck going 80 down this pitch black winding road must have driven this path a hundred times. Either that or he is leading us both to our deaths.

Day 6: Paradise. One of the drawbacks of waiting for my car to get fized was I could not stay with a friend in Vegas. I just motored through. It is really hot and dry there! I tried washing my windshield and the water evaporated before I could squigy it off!

I knew it was more temperate in California, but wasn't sure when that would happen. The car display showed 113 degrees and every mountain I was praying the temp. would drop. Turns out California is a big place, and I had to go awhile before that happened. One thing to note: when you enter California the first road you see is a road called "Zzyzx". These people are wierd.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Day 2: Missouri and Topeka Kansas

This was the second day in a row there was construction exactly where I need to change roads and missed my road. Ugh, but it wasn't that bad the road I ended up taking was just as fast as the interstate and I was not interested in getting a ticket. Also I got out of Illinois which for undisclosed reasons I breathed a sigh of relief. So I went through KAnsas City during Rush hour, which was actually pretty busy (I didn't give them no cred'). At this point I am getting worried about my brakes, and I am perfecting my ninja brakeless driving technique. With the exception of Kansas City rush hour I manage to get across Missouri only using my brakes once to stop for gas. I think I will publish a book "You Don't Need Brakes and Other Lies Liberals Told Me"

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tales from the road: Day 1 Illinois

So I was going to do a very long post about my road trip, but I figured it would be palatable if I break it down into days. So over the next week I will retelling my adventure across the heart of the USA.

My first day I travelled to western Illinois to stay at my mom's house. She lives in Tioga, Il. which is clost to where Il, Mo, and Iowa meet. I made one wrong turn (a recurring theme) and found out in the country not all roads lead to Rome. There are a lot of fake out roads. These roads are characterized by being paved for the first 200 yards to give you the impression you are on a legitimate throughway, but quickly turn into dirt and change direction. You get the feeling that the cows are laughing at you. I made it ok and had some stew courtesy of the sun oven: an invention I was impressed with.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Raccoon Menace

looks like other people are having issues too

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Surfango + Lake Geneva

There's this company called Surfango (they have a website) that makes motorized kayaks and surfboards. They had a product launch party this weekend at Lake Geneva, and guess what? I went! These things are really fun - the kayak is controlled via a joystick and is really stable, fun, and fast. But what I was interested in, of course, was the motorized surfboard.

Wow! Everyone knows I've always wanted to surf, and this counts as pretty close. True there are no waves, but you are standing there going pretty fast and the wakes get you some air. Actually, riding the motorized surfboard is a little physically challenging (which I liked) and I was quite tired after about 30 minutes. The reason I was out there so long was because I didn't wear my glasses and got lost. There was a tent on the beach we were at that they took down, and I spent a good deal of time looking for the "beach with the tent". The demo guys were a little peeved that I hogged so much time, but it wasn't my fault! Check out their website if you like lakes.