Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Rest of My Road Trip

Hey, since I no longer use a computer where this is my homepage I have been neglectful. I will recap the rest of my road trip in short, sweet anecdotes.

Day 3 Wimego, KS. Home of the Wizard of Oz Museuam. I was going to go when just then the car guy called me and said he couldn't get the parts. So I wasted most of my day, and more importantly enough of my day the I couldn't get to Denver that night. I would get as far as I could, wake up super early and get to Denver the next morning.

When entering the expressway near Wimego, the signs were empty. Usually expressways say something like "East: Chicago West: Aurora", but I guess even the map guys can't figure out where the heck I am going.

Day 4: Arrive in Denver. Find a Saab dealer who agrees to work on my car. They are amazed I was driving it, and the mechanic remarked: I wouldn't even drive this around the block. Turns out I need new front brakes and a wheel rotar. So I spend the day in Denver. Didn't do much, but the hotel I stayed at had health club access which was good since I had been driving 4 days straight. This night I realized my new phone has a different voicemail notification system than my old phone. I had 25 new messages.

Day 5: Fixing the car is taking longer than expected, so I stroll through downtown Colorado. I imagine training up here would be really good as I get short of breath on hills. They have death trains that share the sidewalk with pedestrians. If you've been there you know.

I get my car and get as far as I can. There is a scam in Utah: I exited for gas to go to Ferron, which ended up being 25 miles off the expressway. I get gas and the small hotel is fully booked. I am distressed since I don't like driving at night: especially on narrow roads with no street lights that have 60 mph speen limits. So I followed a truck, sort of like a guardian angel truck. He was going like 80, but I figured any truck going 80 down this pitch black winding road must have driven this path a hundred times. Either that or he is leading us both to our deaths.

Day 6: Paradise. One of the drawbacks of waiting for my car to get fized was I could not stay with a friend in Vegas. I just motored through. It is really hot and dry there! I tried washing my windshield and the water evaporated before I could squigy it off!

I knew it was more temperate in California, but wasn't sure when that would happen. The car display showed 113 degrees and every mountain I was praying the temp. would drop. Turns out California is a big place, and I had to go awhile before that happened. One thing to note: when you enter California the first road you see is a road called "Zzyzx". These people are wierd.


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