Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Surfango + Lake Geneva

There's this company called Surfango (they have a website) that makes motorized kayaks and surfboards. They had a product launch party this weekend at Lake Geneva, and guess what? I went! These things are really fun - the kayak is controlled via a joystick and is really stable, fun, and fast. But what I was interested in, of course, was the motorized surfboard.

Wow! Everyone knows I've always wanted to surf, and this counts as pretty close. True there are no waves, but you are standing there going pretty fast and the wakes get you some air. Actually, riding the motorized surfboard is a little physically challenging (which I liked) and I was quite tired after about 30 minutes. The reason I was out there so long was because I didn't wear my glasses and got lost. There was a tent on the beach we were at that they took down, and I spent a good deal of time looking for the "beach with the tent". The demo guys were a little peeved that I hogged so much time, but it wasn't my fault! Check out their website if you like lakes.


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