Monday, June 18, 2007

Raccoons invaded my apartment!

So I was sitting on the back porch reading the Reagan Diaries, and I heard this sound in the kitchen. It sounded like someone was home, but when I looked there was no one there. I just assumed the sound came from somewhere else and kept reading. Tick tock 20 minutes go by and I am still hearing sounds in the kitchen, and I look down and there is an adult raccoon about two inches from my leg! She evidently didn't mind me too much, she just kept walking: into my kitchen! So I sorta followed her and looked inside and there were a total of three raccoons - they had knocked over the kitchen garbage and were snacking on corn. I got pictures on my cell phone, but can't get them off the phone, but I did see them again yesterday on my neighbor's roof.
I was shocked. I couldn't believe these treasonous raccoons were disrespecting my human sovereignty. Then one of them stood up and two legs and looked me in the eye. Adorable! So I decided not to kill them, and instead made a lot of noise with a BBQ tool. They sheepishly acknowledged that it was time to go, but were frustrated b/c the point I decided to stand on the porch was their preferred method of leaving. So they made their way to the stairs and they were so fat they had to stop and catch their breath every step. Also adorable!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think these are adults - yet. Lucky you are moving out as the raccoons seem quite comfortable in your building.

Anonymous Jenny said...

didn't you have a pet racoon when you were a kid? That was cute and then went crazy?

Blogger Roy said...

Yes, we had a pet raccoon named Balzak. She was quite cute in the beginning, but became more ornery as she approached adulthood. Eventually, she stopped coming inside, but would partake in the cat food we left on the porch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my third try at getting a comment in.
I do think crazyoverstates the situation - not by much. In Balzak days I discovered a minor literature genre of memoirs about the raccoon that grew up in our home. It's an experience to savor once. Raccoons are just too clever for peaceful co-habitation.


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