Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tales from the road: Day 1 Illinois

So I was going to do a very long post about my road trip, but I figured it would be palatable if I break it down into days. So over the next week I will retelling my adventure across the heart of the USA.

My first day I travelled to western Illinois to stay at my mom's house. She lives in Tioga, Il. which is clost to where Il, Mo, and Iowa meet. I made one wrong turn (a recurring theme) and found out in the country not all roads lead to Rome. There are a lot of fake out roads. These roads are characterized by being paved for the first 200 yards to give you the impression you are on a legitimate throughway, but quickly turn into dirt and change direction. You get the feeling that the cows are laughing at you. I made it ok and had some stew courtesy of the sun oven: an invention I was impressed with.


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