Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No Respect

The Bears are early underdogs, and I can't figure out why. Maybe it is the national media's obsession with the AFC. The Colts are 7 point favorites.

Now look at their schedule: in 15 wins (including the playoffs) they have won just 5 games by more than a touchdown. Only 2 of those teams made the playoffs. The Bears, in contrast, out of 15 wins won 10 by more than a touchdown, including 4 playoff teams. What gives?

However, the Colts (including playoffs) are 7-1 against playoff teams with total points being 219-159. The bears are (inc. post.) 5-1 against playoff teams with the points being 164-81. For those who forgot to bring your calculator to school these average out to Colts 27.4-19.9 and Bears 27.3-13.5

Monday, January 22, 2007

I love this

A trivia fact from ESPN
The Bears salted their 39-14 win over the Saints in the NFC Championship Game with 21 points in the fourth quarter -- the most points the Bears have ever scored in the fourth quarter of a postseason game. As mentioned above, even in the legendary 1940 NFL Championship Game, in which the Bears defeated the Redskins 73-0, they scored "only" 19 points in the final quarter.

I was right all along (sort of)

Regular readers of this blog will recall that back on week 1 I said the Bears are going to the superbowl. In spite of all 8 ESPN experts picking the Saints (I will have more to say about that later) the Bears won!!!!! I also blogged that the Bears would go 16-0 so I was wrong about that. However, I don't remember if I blogged this or not, but what I was saying back around week 6 was both the Bears and the Colts would be 16-0 and meet in the superest super bowl of super time. Well Bears-Colts it is, but not the way I drew it up.

Why did all 8 experts pick the Saints? They had a emotional feel-good story about them, and I think it would be just too embarrassing to NOT pick them and they end up winning. You'd be a real Grinch then, that's for sure.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Round 2!!!

I am taking the second session of my comedy class and it started just last night. Most the people from my class are back plus 2 people who took the class awhile ago. I am really excited and it is really helpful to have some focus again. This next class will focus on winning the audience as quickly as possible and being a little bit spontaneous. To that effect, our assignment is to write jokes about the room we have class in, and the neighborhood (wrigleyville) we have class in. In addition to that he wants 2-3 minutes on top of that any topic.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

As promised...

Here is my stand-up premier! It was so fun, amazing, and I plan on continuing. Thanks for support, attention and so forth. This blog has transformed into an account of my attempt to first be a comic and in the back of my mind being a professional. Here goes!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell speaks for the silent majority Bob Dylan is a bore.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

USA vs. Russia Freestyle Wrestling

Feb. 6th at Northwestern University. This post is to remind me not to forget.

Took it on the Chin

So I went to another open mic last night. My coach advised observing a room once before you work it. Now I know why - I did my same set from the graduation show which is about 5:15, but this place strictly enforced a 4 minute policy. So I didn't finish on a good note, but they weren't buying the whole physics student thing anyway so perhaps it was merciful. I like the room though and will definitely go back. Next week I'll take pictures because the room is surreal. It is a little pit behind a dive bar; the kind of place I imagine "back room dealings" and illegal casinos operate.

Also the people there were pretty good, so it is fun to be besides me performing.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Earning my wings

I pretty much bummed around the week before New Years, and then on January 2nd I tried writing some comedy and was not very productive. So I decided to go to an open mic last night to observe. I didn't want to do the same bit at the same bar, but the crowd was totally different, and there was one notable detail: the guy who hosts didn't show up so we didn't have a mic. I was told this happens from time to time, and the Sugar Bowl was blaring on the TV. Not ideal conditions, to say the least. But I went up anyways and did my set. I felt like it was some sort of rite of passage and it went pretty well. Some girls came up to me after the set and said they really enjoyed it and "confessed" that they were nerds too. That felt good.