Thursday, January 04, 2007

Earning my wings

I pretty much bummed around the week before New Years, and then on January 2nd I tried writing some comedy and was not very productive. So I decided to go to an open mic last night to observe. I didn't want to do the same bit at the same bar, but the crowd was totally different, and there was one notable detail: the guy who hosts didn't show up so we didn't have a mic. I was told this happens from time to time, and the Sugar Bowl was blaring on the TV. Not ideal conditions, to say the least. But I went up anyways and did my set. I felt like it was some sort of rite of passage and it went pretty well. Some girls came up to me after the set and said they really enjoyed it and "confessed" that they were nerds too. That felt good.


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Did you get her number or email address?


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