Thursday, November 30, 2006

Home Stretch + Screw Up (Comedy Update)

So next week is our dress rehearsal. I got to see the room I will be performing in last night and it is pretty cool! There are some columns so we might have to get creative with the table arrangements, but that's ok. I went to open mic last night with a couple comedy buddies and when I got a ride home I forgot my joke book in Marc's car. Every week we do new material so normally it wouldn't be a big deal, except next week is the dress rehearsal! All old material, crap. Anyways I think I remember which bits went well, but now I am regretting not recording my sets. Lesson learned. Another lesson learned for everyone, including those who don't perform: it is rare to have a good sound system. Sit as close as you can to the stage, you will enjoy the show much more.

December 13th!!!!!!!!!! is the big show


Blogger -i- said...


I hope it all goes well and you abandon physics forever.

But seriously, is someone going to tape your bits? I'd love to see it...

Blogger Roy said...

but seriously nothing. A dream come true. There will be a video of the show, and I will ask some of my more tech savvy friends to splice out my scene so I can post it on the internets.

Blogger -i- said...

sorry, that reads wrong. I really do hope you abandon physics forever


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