Thursday, November 16, 2006

Comedy Update

So it's getting down to the wire. Writing new material is getting tougher, as most of us have used up all the "material" we had before we got to class. This week was a little rough for just about everybody, for reasons I am not sure. I decided not to do the open mic because: 1: my set this week wasn't my best and 2: the cameras weren't there. So far 4 classmates have done the open mic with two results. The 2 who had done stand-up before this class did pretty well and the 2 newbies also did well, but seemed discouraged. The crowd can be tough, even if you are good and our teacher keeps telling us you just have to roll with it. Easier said than done when you are just getting started.

There is no class next week, as it is Thanksgiving and I will be in Michigan. I still have to write one more original set and then piece together all my best stuff (5 min. time limit) for a December 6th dress rehearsal. At the dress I will get acquainted with the microphone and the lights, which I heard can be discomforting. The show is Dec. 13th - Be there!


Blogger PastorNancy said...

be where?

Blogger Roy said...

At the show, of course. The Cubby Bear at Addison and Clark. I will be providing blow by blow details closer to the date in question.


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