Friday, October 27, 2006

Tough Crowd (comedy update)

So it turned out that writing about things you are good at is much harder than making opinions about things you like. My bit had its moments, but was pretty weak overall. I also learned that some jokes that play well with a physics Ph.D. crowd don't do so well with others (e.g. calling the rest of the world "nitwits"). I would say most everybody else struggled a little too in the third week - but expect a huge bounceback!

Next week we write about 3 thing about our family and then 3 things that make us angry. FWI, it is OK to get angry if the auduence is on your side. So I plan on telling them endearing stories about my family before ramping up the outrage. I also learned it is not enough to just write down your material. NExt week I will audio record and practise in front of a mirror before performing.


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