Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hilarious Story (warning: you had to be there)

So I went to a mixed martial arts fight last night - the show was really cool with a lot of action. We saw some good tap outs, but no knockouts. If I had one complaint, it was a little long (4.5 hours!). During one of the intermissions there was an exhibition bout for some wussy style of Karate where they can't punch the head. So these two Polish guys pummeled each other's chest for 6 minutes and it was clear they were not really taking it to each other. The fight, to much booing and hissing, was declared a draw. Stay with me

Afterwards, these people felt compelled to impress the audience by "breaking 9 baseball bats with his bare shin". After successfully breaking 4, the next refused to break. At first it was cool b/c you want to see the guy fail. But he kept kicking, kicking, kicking until he had a knob the size of an apple on his shin. Then he switched legs. And failed again. The ceremony ended in disgrace as he failed to break all 9 bats and had to be helped out the ring. Hilarious!

Peter commented that he should have taken one of the bats he did break and perform Hari-Kari.


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