Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday Night Headlines (during the day)

Hey all, here are the headlines. I'm going to watch a showcase tonight; should be cool. I know the guy who runs it and he said I am now on the list. Could be months though, since the show is once a month and the list is long. Without further ado....

Allen Greenspan says the is a one third chance of recession coming up...
  • I like the statistics. Forget the global implications, as a gambling man I want the over-under
  • Sounds suspiciously like he is saying 1/3 chance recession, 1/3 chance stays the same, 1/3 chance it gets better. That's a Ph.D. in economics for you (haha Ben Zing!)

  • John Edwards says Jesus would be ashamed of American selfishness...
  • On the bright side I think he would love our rap videos
  • Sounds noble, but the church is just using him as a front man to increase Sunday offerings

  • A drill sergeant was accused of forcing a recruit to dress as superman and perform sex acts (it's true, click here
  • It was supposedly designed to boost the recruits confidence. Nothing says confidence like being on your knees, wearing spandex and questioning your sexuality
  • Kinda makes me feel lame for being shy. I can't even ask a girl out and this guy is asking army guys to switch teams

  • Sorry for being a little crude this week, but the headlines dictate it. Another story, a NWA employee accused of , ummm, sexually relieving himself on a customer. No jokes, but this is an honest to God quote from the article "It happened on the redeye Monday morning from Seattle to Minneapolis."


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