Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday Headlines!

I had a good open mic last night. Got offered a teaching job in LA, which sounds kinda cool to me. Lots of things going on in the news...
This weekend, Hugo Chavez said capitalism is the road to hell
  • To which Republicans replied, "It was probably built by unions."
  • To which Democrats replied, "Before that road ends we need to insert a toll fee."
  • To which Libertarians replied, "And people think We're crazy!?"

  • Al Gore has a TV station (it's true!) called Current TV. He is going to expand it to 10 million homes world wide and said "I think this will help save democracy."
  • No one is more qualified to say this, because, as we all know, Al Gore invented Democracy
  • It's ironic that it is called Current TV, but they still cover the 2000 election.

  • This is not really a joke, but Viacom is suing You Tube (owned by Google) for 1 billion dollars over copyright stuff. I am tickled by the idea of the CEO of google writing a check to all those millionaire starving artists. I hope he would do it sarcastically, like Steve Martin in "The Jerk".


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