Thursday, March 22, 2007

Comedy Competition and Self-Evaluation

So there's lots going on right now in the comedy scene. I recently entered a comedy competition here in Chicago. 3 rounds: 1st round is judged by the audience so don't be shy and come out! I get to do 7-8 minutes, and I am still figuring out what will go in. I suspect about 5 min will be split between my two previous showcases and 2 min completely new. I am on spring break next week so I should have time to also tighten up and polish the older stuff. A Jobsian makeover, to use some 20th century slang.

Because the prize is substantial, I expect to win this competition you have to beat some pros. In any event, it is hard to get an accurate gauge of your material at open mics (for many reasons that would make this post too long) so I am looking forward to performing in front of a real audience.

There is also a comedy competition being sponsered by Comedy Central. The first round of this competition is a tape submission, which means I might be filming myself a little bit in the upcoming weeks. This one has a prize of being booked on TV! Cool! It is national and whatever we'll see.


Blogger ben said...

good luck! i think you should use the bathtub joke but change the last line to a dead seagull instead of dead animals. no one feels sympathy for seagulls.

Blogger Roy said...

I like it! That kindof fine tuning is what I need to do, because I think I have enough "time" to fill a slot, but there are so many details (face, hands, exact wording, timing etc.).

btw, I understand fish dying. But Seagulls? wtf, can't they fly?


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