Saturday, September 09, 2006

I rode the pink line today!

So I was helping a friend/coworker move from his apartment in my hometown (Oak Park) to another apt. in Oak Park and decided to take a stroll down memory lane. My old house looks to be well kept, and the lady who lives there gave me the hairy eyeball as I leaned my head over the fence from the alley. haha. Anyways I took the Green line back into the city b/c it was closer to where I live. I was standing there when it suddenly hit me: I could transfer to the pink line at Ashland, and that would actually make sense!

So I got off and I had to ask the CTA employee which way was 54/Cermak. It was on the other side and I saw a train approaching so I ran over the bridge. Turned out it was just another green line. Then a pink came on the other side of the tracks and I was so pumped up as the tension crescendoed. A guy with a pink shirt joined me on the patform and I asked him

"You dressed for the occasion?"

At which point he just looked at me like "I don't know you." The pink line came and it turned out he was waiting for the green line anyways. My bad. For those that know Chicago, the buildings in the west loop are in general short. The view looking East from the pink line is AMAZING! One of the best I ever seen. The west...not so good. Too bad I didn't have my camera - I made a promise to start carrying it around and now I know why I should stick to that.


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