Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cubs in last place

In their march to the bottom the Cubs passed the Pirates yesterday. Now they only have to outsuck the Royals and Devil Rays. If you go through the archives you will see that I not only picked the Cubs to finish in last place, but I added "They will be the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked." I am Nostradamus.


Blogger ben said...

you win Roy. the cubs' season has hurt me physically, mentally, and emotionally. though times are tough on the south side as well...i'm still pulling for the sox to make the playoffs.

Blogger Roy said...

I also predicted Prior and Wood would end the season on the DL, but I was just playing the odds.

As for the White Sox, I still believe. It is easy to "Don't Stop Believin'" when your are in first place every single day of the season and go 11-1 in the playoffs. This year is really testing the die-hard fans gut. Ozzie is my hero, and I think this is all just rope-a-dope.

And I stand by my prediction that the Tigers will finish third.


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