Friday, September 01, 2006

Go Green

The Green party will be fielding a full field of candidates in Illinois elections. Awesome! I haven't looked carefully yet, but without a doubt one of the most dispicable acts in politics in our era is the Democrats relentless efforts to sue, discredit, and belittle the Green party.


Anonymous vasu said...

Is it the anti-democratic sentiment or the green party that you support?

Blogger littleboxes said...

yes, both repubs and democrats are not interested in

1. free airtime for all candidates
2. regulations on campaign spending and fundraising
3. having elections on weekends or making it a holiday.

They don't want third parties and they don't want people to vote. There's nothing particular about the democratic party that makes them act in such a dispicable way.

Blogger Roy said...

Your effort to make this a bipartisan issue seems contrived. I have never in my life seen the kind of vitriol aimed at libertarians/reform party candidates by republicans that I see given to the green party by the democrats. That's a fact.

As for me, I support more choices.


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