Friday, May 19, 2006

Phil Rogers's All-City team

here it is
  • 3b: Joe Crede

  • SS: Ronny Cedano

  • 2b: Tadahito Iguchi

  • 1b: Paul Konerko

  • Lf: Scott Podsednik

  • Cf: Aaron Rowand (?)

  • Rf: Jermaine Dye

  • C: A.J. Pierzinski

  • P1: Jose Contreras

  • P2: Greg Maddox

  • P3: Mark Buehrle

  • P4: Javier Vasquez

  • P5: Carlos Zambrano

  • Set-up(L): Scott Eyre

  • Set-up(R): Bobby Howry

  • Closer: Ryan Dempster

  • Manager: Ozzie Guillen

  • X-factor: Jim Thome

  • long story short: Cubs have a better bullpen and the Sox have a better everything-else. Too bad Derrik Lee got hurt, then there would have been a real debate on this list reminiscent of the Ordonez/Sosa debate. Also, I take Brian Anderson over Juan Pierre.


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