Sunday, May 14, 2006

No More Speeding Tickets

If I speed, my commute is shorter. If my commute is shorter, then I spend more time at work. This is good for the economy. I no longer obey speeding laws.


Blogger -i- said...

Did I miss something here? Where are you speeding too? Did you recently move to a place where you need to commute? Did you by a car? Egads! So many questions.

Also, I reckon that if you sped to work every day, you would start to leave for work later and later and thus, spend the same amount of time at work being 'productive'.

Blogger Roy said...

You are right to point out that Idon't even own a car. I just thought I would use an archetypal specious argument to justify breaking the law for the benifit of society.


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