Monday, April 17, 2006

Tall Tale

You ever read those insurance claims that are too good to be true? You know, like, "I was walking down the street and a bird flew into me and I fell on my car which was in neutral..." Here's a good one about a girl being cited for underage drinking.
After consuming the equivalent of three alcoholic drinks she tried to jump on a friend's back but fell on pavement inside of the Quadrangle, suffering a cut above her right eye.

[A]fter her friends informed house officials that she needed medical attention, a police officer entered her Ware College House room and asked for her PennCard.

She said the officer then asked if she had been drinking. After the officer assured [her] that she would not face punishment, [the student] said she admitted to consuming alcohol.

"I just assumed she was a medical official," she said. "I thought, 'Maybe they need to know for medical reasons.'"

[the student] said the officer's badge was not visible and that the officer failed to identify herself.

Following her admission of drinking, [the student] said the officer informed her that underage drinking is illegal and began to ask questions in what she described as a "very accusatory" manner.

Believing that she was about to be cited for drinking in spite of her injury and although she cooperated, [the student] said, she then grabbed her PennCard from the officer's hand and ran out of the room, where she said about 10 security and police officials were standing.

[the student] said that one of the officers grabbed her and she began to yell and attempt to break free.

An officer then handcuffed her, she said, and she was transported to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and treated for the injury. She was released later that morning.


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