Monday, April 03, 2006

Obama Joins Global Warming Enthusiasts

It's a win-win.
Obama said the government should provide tax breaks and loan guarantees to show the way toward greater use of environmentally friendlier energy sources.

He cited several pieces of legislation he has introduced in Congress...[The legislation] calls for the federal government to pick up a portion of the costs automakers pay for retiree health care, so long as companies use some of the savings to retool their factories.

Obama said the Big Three domestic automakers spent $6.7 billion on retiree health care costs in 2004.

"It's a win-win proposal for the industry -- their retirees will be taken care of, they'll save money on health care and they'll be free to invest in the kind of fuel-efficient cars that are the key to their competitive future," he said of the legislation.

"As gas prices keep rising, the Middle East grows ever more unstable and the ice caps continue to melt, we face a now-or-never, once-in-a-generation opportunity to set this country on a different course," Obama said.
Oh dear. Why is it that the end of the world is so sexy? Years from now you'll say you were there, and don't forget to buy your hybrids: it's a now-or-never to save the planet (for real, this time).

UPDATE: Gore is on his own media blitz as well
[Gore wrote] a gasket-blowing polemic arguing that by refusing to face up to the threat of global warming, Bush is just like the disgraced British prime minister who appeased the Nazis before World War II.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish," Gore writes, quoting the Bible to bash Bush.

Warning that Bush and the Republican Congress have displayed "a blinding lack of awareness" about "the worst catastrophe in the history of human civilization"


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