Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I was reading this article about global warming, when for a moment I thought I read a talking point I conjured up in a dream the other night
But what's significant is that the issue now has the high-minded imprimatur of the Ad Council...This has not escaped the notice of people on the other side of this issue, such as James M. Taylor, the spokesperson for climate issues at the Heartland Institute, a conservative Chicago-based think tank... Taylor wrote in an e-mail, but "global warming alarmism is markedly controversial ... This Ad Council campaign amounts to nothing more than an end run around a skeptical Congress, a skeptical president and a sharply split scientific community." Like the groups promoting "intelligent design" as an alternative to evolution, Taylor's outfit is fighting to convince the public that there's even a debate going on.

I thought for a moment that global warming alarmists were being compared to Intelligent Design types (something I do often), but it turns out they are comparing global warming skeptics to ID (an analogy based on politics, and not science). Oh well. If you've read this far you might be wondering how global warming is like ID. You bend over backwards to fit empirical data into a preconcieved notion whose ultimate purpose is to affect public policy and not science. This "theory" works best as long as all of its "predictions" are untestable and its premises unverifiable. Now I ask you, am I talking about ID or GW?


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