Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Conan in Chicago

It was with a heavy heart yesterday that I watched the first episode of Conan aired in Chicago. I emailed about tickets, but I'm afraid I was too late. The show was pretty good, but Conan obviously had trouble managing a much larger corwd than he is used to (about 3800 in Chicago Theater). Oh well, and his bit with Mr. T was cool for its Chicago nostalgia (he toured the city, the best part was they didn't go north of Madison), but was a little short on comedy. They did play the Go-go White Sox theme

One thing that made me wince a little was the borderline pathetic 5 minute cheering sessions after every Chicago reference. I can forgive the excitement, since it was the first episode. I'll be tuning in all week and will let you know if there is anything worth mentioning.

For Conan fans who can't get enough, you can access videos of Conan in Chicago plus exclusive interviews at


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