Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"Tasteless" Jokes...ZING!

The French PM Jacques Chirac recently caused an international incident when he insulted the national cuisine of England and Finland. He is quoted as saying of the English:
“We can't trust people who have such bad food,”
Which I think is a fair appraisal of English cuisine. Although, recently an English colleague of mine made a great dessert called trifle. They also do have Fish N' Chips. That's good stuff. In defense of Chirac, perhaps one of the great dining experiences of my life was around the northern coast of France.

I shouldn't be one to talk (since my mother's pot was sometimes full of goat, pig tails and ox-tails like any good caribbean pot), I think the worst food on the planet MUST be Polish. They will pickle ANYTHING. Granted, most of their food is quite humble for socio-political reasons it really is quite bad. I once had a 'traditional' Polish dinner with an ex-girlfriend (who was Polish) who smacked her lips at every single thing on the table. Friends, this was food that I imagine MONSTERS would eat. You definitely can't trust people who have such bad food. Not to sound bitter (another great pun!), but she couldn't be trusted either. What's your vote for poorest national cuisine?


Blogger Carl Nyberg said...

My vote is for Cambodian cuisine.

Anonymous Jenny said...

Irish food has to be the worst. My friend and I once spent 10 days in Ireland, and the plates of greasy, tasteless mush we encountered were next to indescribable. We couldn't find a damn thing to eat except Guinness, which, depending on your perspective, may or may not be the worst thing.


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