Sunday, July 03, 2005

Meet My New Girlfriend

Since the Yin Yang crew has been ponificating on Tom Cruise (and his small little indie movie) lately, I've decided that the Madness must stop. Enter my latest muse Miranda July. For those not in the know, Ms. July (no, not this month's Playboy centrefold) is a well established visual and sometimes audio artist. Performance, NPR, web-based stuff and a pretty hefty bio (including a few Whitney Biennials) she's done it all. You can see her latest creation in Me and You and Everyone We Know. You'd think that coming from an 'artist', it would be some weird abstract, snooty, artsy-fartsy crap. The truth is that it's a very low-key accessible meditation on modern life/love that's won quite a few awards at Cannes and Sundance. Something really struck a chord with me, and it's probably the 2nd best movie I will see all year. The 1st being Malick's yet to be released The New World. The point is, I'm in love. So go and support m'lady and see her movie. Our kids are going to be hot.


Blogger littleboxes said...

Sweet! Malick is back. Thanks for the info.


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