Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rumor Mongering

Mark Buerhle sort of implied that the Texas Rangers are using a light in center field to electronically steal signs. The Tribune article notes that
Texas, which has played itself out of the playoff picture because of the usual lack of pitching, is hitting .285 at Ameriquest Field, which ranks third in the AL, and a woeful .256 on the road, which ranks 11th. It is averaging 5.9 runs per game at home and only 4.8 on the road.
To put some perspective on that, there are only 14 teams in the American League, so going from ranked 3rd to 11th is quite dramatic. I looked at a lot of statistcs to see if I could improve on this circumstantial evidence. At this point in the season, Texas has played 65 games both at home and on the road. For Texas,
HR's at home: 125
HR's on road: 86
So we see a 1.45 ratio of HR's at home vs. the road. I thought perhaps that this could be accounted for by the Ameriquest Field (their home stadium). So I checked Texas pitchers to see if their was also this discrepency. To the contrary
HR's at home given up by Texas pitching: 66
HR's given up on the road: 70
For those of you who have read this far I probably don't have to contexualize this:
Dimensions: Left field: 334 ft.; left-center: 388 ft.; center field: 400 ft.; right-center deepest: 407 ft.; right-center: 381 ft.; right field: 325 ft.; backstop: 60 ft.; foul territory: small.

Fences: Left field: 14 ft.; center and right fields: 8 ft.


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