Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Party of Ideas

It is an old saying that in politics you can't beat somebody with nobody. A natural corrolary is you can't win a debate wothout ideas. Since Democrats have been woefully failing in their opposition role, there have been numerous competing agendas within the Republican party. In fact, it seems Newt Gingrich is spearheading an alternative conservative platform, as is evidenced in this interview.

In what was probably less than 15 minutes of interview time, Newt articulated substantive positions on the war in Iraq, Health Care, balanced budgets, immigration policy, religions role in society, gay marriage, the Terri Schivo fiasco, John Roberts, and how he orchestrated the GOP takeover in 1994. Wow, I must confess I never read anything he ever wrote or heard anything first hand before I saw this, but it s thoroughly impressive. His clarity of thought juxtaposed with specific proposals are a compelling read.


Anonymous Ian said...

Wow, I completely forgot why I disliked Newt so much. My favourite lines:

"I certainly think that we have every right to defend traditional marriage...whether it’s by passing a law or a constitutional amendment."

Yes, Newt is the posterboy for traditional marriage. Or should I say multiple marriages. Him and his philandering ways. I would really like to know how gay marriage would REALLY affect his daily life.

Another great moment was when the dude asked Newt what would be his quick points of legislation:

"There would be a position limiting the court’s ability to drive God out of the American public life and there would be a very dramatic overhaul of math and science education so that we could compete with China and India."

Ah yes, teaching creationism in 'science' class will bring back our jobs! Don't forget to remove those references about dinosaurs out of the natural history books.

I wonder if there is room for a non-christian idea of God(s) in Newt's America?

Blogger Roy said...

Ian, thank you for taking the bait. I couldn't have illustrated more clearly the reflexive, substance free rhetoric of the left. The point isn't that you agree with Newt; the point is that he has clear positions on issues.


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