Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dangerous Irrelevant Variables

I have been reading Principles of Condensed Matter Physics this summer and ran across section 5.8.8 entitled Dangerous irrelevant variables. The world of theoretical physics is indeed a strange one.

Remember what the internet was created for? So researchers could share data. No really. Perhaps this one post wont change that the internet is 99% porn and shopping, but oh well. I can not more highly recommend The Science of Scientific Writing by Gopen and Swan.

  • If technical writing is part of your professional life (reading or writing) then you must go read this.
  • If techinical writing is a part of your personal life you probably should read this.
  • If technical writing is not part of your personal or professional life, but you do read or write from time to time, then it couldn't hurt to go read this.

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