Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Damned if you do, damned if you don't

The left's reaction to the Supreme Court nomination
Everyone wondered if Bush would try to shove a right-wing fanatic down liberal throats or play it safe. With Roberts Bush is obviously playing it safe - maybe because he's tanking in the polls, or suffering from the Rove scandal and bad Iraq news, or just because he doesn't want another battle to distract from his faltering domestic agenda ... He is a well-known Washington insider, an institutional player, a highly-placed member of the legal Establishment. He enjoys the kind of respect Kenneth Starr had before embarking on his anti-Clinton crusade, as a safe, sound man, not an ideological zealot like Edith Jones or wacko like Janice Rogers Brown. These qualities are going to make Roberts's confirmation easier.

They are also what make him dangerous.
Oh dear, this isn't going to be pretty.


Blogger KR said...

How many Abortions has Roberts made his various girlfriends' go and get?

He's a handsome man who has lots of power I'll be safe and say 6.


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