Monday, July 11, 2005

Baseball Predictions

Since both my preseason eveluation of the Cubs and (unpublished) preseason prediction for the White Sox were so accurate, I decided to make my all-start break predictions for the last 48% of the season.
AL playoffs:
White Sox (Central champs) def. Angels (West champs)
Indians (wildcard) def. Red Sox (East champs)
White Sox def. Indians
2nd half faders: Twins and Orioles
Come up just short: Yankees and Athletics

National League:
Cardinals (Central champs) def. Mets (wildcard)
Padres (West champs) def. Braves (East champs)
Cardinals def. Padres
2nd half faders: Nationals and Astros
come up just short: Florida

World Series:
White Sox def. Cardinals
I don't want to make the post forever, so as these predictions come true I will explain to you how I did it. For a fun recap of the 1st half read that link.


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