Thursday, July 21, 2005

Too much Yin, not enough Yang

The recent posts have all taken a certain slant on things. The reason is that I've been out and about seeing the country. I had a couple of days of debauchery in Las Vegas, then off to NYC where I found some new digs. How the mice did play when the cat was away!

Perhaps my final word on the whole smoking ban debacle will be this. The entire argument is not based on trying to impose people's values on another. Those type of arguments go nowhere and can be debated ad nasueum. I haven't been arguing on the side of morals and values, but rather on a very real, and very serious public health threat. That argument has not been addressed by anyone yet. Enough of that.

Whilst getting administrative junk done at NYU, I was criss-crossing Washington Square and saw an interesting bill posted: "If you saw a guy get beat-up by 4 plain clothes officers a few nights ago, please call....". Kind of funny.

I was enjoying a bottle of wine with a friend at some jazz bar thing, and he mentioned that the guy from Broken Social Scene (the indie rock wunder-band from Toronto, also the darlings of the Toronto scene and indie media a few years ago) got beat up in Washington Square a few nights ago. Here's the story, which is a good read from Pitchforkmedia. Anyways, to summarize, they just arrive in NYC, and the first thing they want is some pot. So they head down to NYU and try to score. Unfortunately, he tries to score off an undercover cop. OOPS! A whole bunch of plainclothes cops descend and tell him to put his hands up. He claims that he thought they were mugging him (muggers pretending to be cops), and he resists. That's when they get all Rodney King on his ass. Needless to say, the indie-rock scene is up in arms over the treatment of one of their own. His lone defense was that he forgot (perhaps this is a sign, stoner!) that he was no longer in Canada (more liberal drug laws). Pretty pitiful excuse, as far as I'm concerned. Now he's suing the NYPD for police brutality and and some other stuff, pretty American, no? I'll be the first one to say 'fuck the police', but he admittedly resisted the cops after trying to admittedly buy some drugs.

I have no qualms with pot, and I support the legalization/de-criminalization, but dude needs to take responsibilty for his actions. Indie-rock bands take note: things like this happen when you become a sell-out!


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