Friday, July 22, 2005

Bikers Beware

Since all of the Yins and Yangs are avid recreational/commuter bikers I thought this post about the ChicagoPlice cracking down of bikers. [in case you didn't know bikers are supposed to follow the rules of the road which includes staying off the sidewalks] They plan on issuing (for real) tickets after a blitz of warnings. I appreciate the warning, and agree that there are plenty of bikers who give everyone else a bad name. Lots of people agreed, which surprised Eric Zorn. My experience is that all bikers receive a level of disdain from cars and such, but also that bikers give it out in healthy doses to pedestrians. Let's just be safe, shall we?


Anonymous Ian said...

I do agree that bikes & pedestrians do not mix. However, I really do believe that there needs to be an increase in driver awareness of bikes.

There have been NUMEROUS times I've had doors opened on me in Greek Town or in the loop. This is whilst I was in a bike lane too! Drivers just don't expect you there.

I think the City of Chicago has done a lot to increase biking, with respect to bike lanes and stuff. However, it's the drivers in the city that have no adapted to it.

Anonymous Jenny said...

Of course, from an environmental standpoint, biking is an excellent alternative to driving or public transport. However, I have encountered more rude and dangerous bikers in this city than I care to recall. Bikers seem to have no problem on the lakefront path terrorizing runners, rollerbladers, and kids, while on the roads, they seem to feel that they can zigzag through slow traffic like mice in a maze. Bikers generally do not use hand signals to let drivers know what they are about to do, and they seem to only obey the rules of the road when it suits them. (Ie, they'll stay off the sidewalks, but apparently stop signs don't apply.) These behaviors do not make people in cars or on foot particularly well disposed towards bikers.

Anonymous Ian said...


I agree that the Lakeshore path is a complete zoo. The problem begins when people (bikers, runners/pedestrians) don't stick to their clearly defined lanes. Unfortunately, I don't see that being worked out, unless there are separate paths for bikes and pedestrians.

Blogger Roy said...

Ian, I am of the opinion that the "biggest dog" ought to follow the rules most closely. On the roads, that means automobiles. They have the most opportunity to cause damage. On the lakefront, it's bikes. But they bring their cavalier street attitude with them to the bike paths where they should be most responsible. Honestly, how many people (including yourself) have you seen walking their bike over the Chicago Street River? There are signs like every 50 yards.


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