Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Detroit Tigers are 1 - 7 against American League teams with above .500 records.

by the way, the White Sox are 6 - 3


Blogger KR said...

How can you go against a fellow flame, Curtis Granderson?

The tigers pitching is for real.



Blogger Roy said...

Curtis is one of my favs. Unfortunately, the school paper only profiled him when he was coming off the bench. Now that he is for real I would like to see this issue revisited.

The tigers do remind me a lot of last years White Sox, i.e. a team the usually underacheived (considering the talent) bt it all comes together one year. However, after this post the Tigers subsequently got smoked by the Yankees so I'll stand by my claim: this years Tigers are the 2003 Royals and not the 2005 White Sox


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