Sunday, May 28, 2006

All city team revisited

I admit Juan Uribe is having a tough year, so I did not question the seletion of Rony Cedano as the all-city shortstop. But yesterday, for some odd reason, I caught the end of the Cubs game and Cedeno came up with 2 outs in the ninth cubs down 2-1 with a runner in scoring psition. At that moment I thought to myself "I would rather have Uribe up in this position." Just then Cedano hit a pedestrian pop-up to the third baseman. Game over.

As chance would have it, Juan Uribe did come up to bat that very same day in the ninth inning with the sox down 2-1. Result: RBI single. Maybe next year, Cedano. One more stat I caught during the Cubs game: Juan Pierre is 0-24 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. I thought: I could do THAT.


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