Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Internet: File Under Awesome

Two students were photographed having sex against their high rise window at the University of Pennsylvania and now there is a big to-do about the whole thing. The photographer posted the photos on his university owned website and now they've found their way to a popular website College Humor(just a link to the website and not the offending photos). Then, in a brazen move to bolster circulation(my view, not official), the student newspaper The Daily Pennsylvanian put the photos on the front page! Of course they comically "concealed" the identities of the amorous parties. One more strange detail of the case, and this makes no sense to me
Psychology graduate student Andrew Geier is serving as the photographer's advisor throughout the disciplinary process. He maintains that because the pair was visible in the window, the photos were taken in public and are completely legal.
Not the legal position, but what is a Psychology graduate student doing giving legal advice on behalf of the student body!?!? huh?

UPDATE: Looks like they got a professional now.


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