Sunday, November 06, 2005


Hey all, just got back from my (semi)annual trip to my Alma Mater. A very good time was had. Most the usual suspects from my fraternity showed up, but non-frat turnout was a little low. I didn't really put in the effort to find out who would be there before I showed up, and that is more or less what I expected.

A travel sidenote and some background. I am obsessed with efficiency. One of my earliest school memories is arguing with my first grade teacher that we should be moving more efficiently while we are in a single file line. Specifically, if everyone started walking at the same time instead of waiting for the person in front of you, then the line would be more efficient. I remember feeling disgusted every time I saw the line expand like some sort of accordian. Why am I bringing this up?

United Airlines has this new thing, where they check your bag at the gate if it is too big. Anyone who has flown recently knows that people are going a little bit too far with how much luggage they bring on the plane. Not only do they run out of room, but very often these people aren't strong and/or coordinated enough to maneuver their luggage down the aisle and into the overhead bin. This makes getting on and off very inefficient. But now, getting off and on goes much more smoothly. Kudos to UA for a great flying experience. Not only that, but when I arrived back to Ohare, we got off the plane on the ground level instead of some accordian like tunnel. When it comes to flying, getting off on the ground is one of my all-time favorite things to do.


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