Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rowand Snubbed for Gold Glove

Aaron Rowand got passed up for Torii Hunter for the center field gold glove. This strikes me as a reputation award, since Torii only played 98 games this year (compared to Rowand's 157) and made 3 errors (compared to Rowands 3 errors in 1.5 as many games). Furthermore, Rowand led in all ESPN's head scratching statistics like "zone rating" and "range factor". Oh well.


Blogger littleboxes said...

Rowand is awesome, but we think Hunter is a better center fielder. But even though he didn't win, it's not as if Rowand isn't deserving. Given that these awards are actually voted on by players and coaches, we tend to believe their validity more than, for example, all-star selections (starters).

Maybe Hunter robs more homeruns in the home dome and these exceptional plays stick in players minds better than excellent but less dramatic plays (robbing a home run is worth more than robbing a double and the homer dome allows more home run robbing or something).


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