Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fine Lines, Indeed

From Eric Zorn's fine lines we have the following
(The White Sox) defeated the Boston Red Sox 14-2. I'm sorry, did I say "defeated"? They didn't just "defeat" the Boston Red Sox. They stepped out onto that field and completely obliterated the Red Sox. Eliminated them—unraveled them to their base molecular structure and erased any record of their ever having existed. The destroyed them so badly that even their relatives began disappearing, like in "Back to the Future." .... Cubs fans! Hate the White Sox! The last thing we need is for you to start mucking up our inexorable march to the World Series with your "Oh, I'm a Chicago fan" garbage... you're all a bunch of losers and we don't want your loser juice dripping all over our unstoppable baseball team....Ramsin Canon, Gaper's Block

Update: the ball hit the ground


Blogger -i- said...

I must admit, the White Sox bandwagon is at full capacity here in the Big Apple.
-Red Sox fans want them to win, because, as one fan told me today: 'they are more cursed than the Red Sox were last year!'
-Yankees fans are rooting for the White Sox, because obviously they were eliminated by the Angels.

Personally, I think the Sox will prevail, but I don't think that it will be such a cakewalk as the Red Sox turned out to be.

I still wear my Sox cap (thanks to Free Hat Day earlier this year. Roy, where's yours?), which now demands attention.

Blogger littleboxes said...

The White Sox may just have god on their side with that call from last night. Yes, it is part of baseball but boy did they ever get lucky. Let's hope they can take advantage of that luck and not squander it.

Blogger Roy said...

Lucky like a fox


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