Friday, September 30, 2005


Boo-yeah! (Not boo-yao) Time to revisist my midseason predictions. At the time, Cleveland was not considered to be in the wild card hunt. Although the Mets let me down, I think the rest speaks for itself.

I also found this cloumn by a Cubs fan.I think he hits the nail on the head.


Blogger littleboxes said...

We've been trying hard to like the White Sox, but it just ain't working for us. An informal poll shows that only 14% of the staff are White Sox fans. I guess we still have some residual sympathy laying around for the almost contracted Minnesota Twins.

We're just not sure that we can cheer for Paul Konerko and we definitely don't want Carl Everett to ever win a World Series. Ugh. But Guillen seems like a guy we could like, too bad he's not playing.

Why should we cheer for the White Sox (and "they are not the Yankees" is not a satisfactory answer)?

Blogger Roy said...

As a life long sox fan I almost rather you don't jump on the band wagon. That way it'll be totally in your face.

Particularly considering you are a Twins fan - I wont lie - I was glad every year the Twins lost in the playoffs. Even to the Yankees. If you were a Cubs fan, you should (at least grudgingly) admit it would be good for the city if the Sox win. However, I certainly understand any Cubs fan who would like to see the Sox out first round.


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